T12N: Our Mission

To support a transformation of consciousness in leaders – into the next paradigm of business and organizations.

This new paradigm is based in joy rather than obligation, values mutual benefit over extraction, sees each person as whole and not broken, has faith in the wisdom of the body and intuition rather than in a culture of expertise. It encourages learning as a community, places emphasis on self-awareness, and celebrates the aliveness of the earth and the world.

In our programs, we effectively model how to “bring your whole self” – showing up with honesty and vulnerability, stepping into the fullness of who you are. We create and sustain a strong, sacred container that facilitates transformation, allowing you to move through deep patterns to greater levels of freedom and joy. We impart tools and knowledge that you can apply immediately, so your world begins to change from day one.

Mark Nicolson

My career started in investment banking in London and Hong Kong – but about 25 years ago I went through what I have to describe as a spiritual awakening and since then I have been consulting and teaching on transformative leadership in organizations and with individuals.

Initially I became a a partner in Alexander, the UK pioneer in executive coaching. I took a two-year sabbatical in the late 90s to manage the garden at Esalen Institute and this inspired my life and work philosophy. My clients are now mostly entrepreneurs and social change visionaries: recently including IDEO, BALLE, Irvine New Leadership Network, as well as Desmond Tutu and his family foundation.

I hold an MBA from Stanford, an MA in Classical Literature from Oxford, and an MA in Psychology from Meridian University.

Patrick Anderson

Guiding individuals and groups through transformation is what I do best.

My starting point is a commitment to your transformative potential: my belief in your ability to discover who you really are as a leader, as a human being, and to embody that day by day.

I have held executive positions in both the corporate and non-profit worlds, and understand from the inside the challenges we face as we strive to achieve meaning and impact at work. As a consultant and executive coach, I support my clients to better understand their purpose, identify their vision, and map out an achievable path to become the leaders they want to be. I offer challenge and support to help them navigate every bump in the road.

In my work with organizations and individuals, I draw on my extensive knowledge of qigong, meditation, masculine/ feminine balancing, and transformative leadership practice and theory. I hold a UNESCO Masters in Peace, Development and Conflict Resolution, and a Master of Arts in Japanese Literature.

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