T12N: Our Mission

To support a transformation of consciousness in leaders – into the next paradigm of business and organizations.

This new paradigm is based in joy rather than obligation, values mutual benefit over extraction, sees each person as whole and not broken, has faith in the wisdom of the body and intuition rather than in a culture of expertise. It encourages learning as a community, places emphasis on self-awareness, and celebrates the aliveness of the earth and the world.

In our programs, we effectively model how to “bring your whole self” – showing up with honesty and vulnerability, stepping into the fullness of who you are. We create and sustain a strong, sacred container that facilitates transformation, allowing you to move through deep patterns to greater levels of freedom and joy. We impart tools and knowledge that you can apply immediately, so your world begins to change from day one.

Mark Nicolson

For the first 30 years of my life and career, I was embedded in the dominant culture of imperialism and western patriarchy. I studied classics at Oxford, went into investment banking, and did an MBA at Stanford. Then about 25 years ago I went through a spiritual awakening where I woke up to a deeper understanding of who I really am. I saw how profoundly I had taken on the values of materialism and individualism in order to be successful within that culture.

Since that time I have continued to wake up to the ways in which I can help myself and others become free to live lives of divine inspiration, purpose and connection.

In practical terms, initially I became a partner in Alexander, the UK pioneer in executive coaching. Then I took a two-year sabbatical to manage the garden and study at Esalen Institute. Since then I have worked with clients who are entrepreneurs and social change visionaries to support them in bringing a new cultural paradigm to life: including for example, BALLE, IDEO, the Irvine New Leadership Network, Desmond Tutu and his family foundation and many equity-focused start-ups.

More recently I have also seen the potential for plant medicine (and other empathogens) to give us access to creativity and transformation. This access has been denied for so long because it threatens the current structures of culture by awakening us to our interconnection; and therefore both to the unbearable truth of global warming and inequality and to our innate collective capacity for joy.

Patrick Anderson

From an early age, I have had an intuitive sense of the connection, love, joy and integrity that is possible among people; an image of community rooted in respect, generosity, creativity and adventure. This intuitive knowledge has been both a beacon through my life – a possibility, a light to hold on to – and a source of

sadness and frustration, as I have witnessed (and participated in) cultures based in fear and rigidity, separation and greed.

And so, like many of us, I have lived a double life. On the one hand, putting together a decent resumé: university, grad school, professional positions in the private, public and non-profit sectors; living, working and studying in 10 countries across five continents. On the other, following my beacon: extensive spiritual practice, dance, qigong, men’s groups, participating in and creating extraordinary communities and relationships.

At around age 40, propelled no doubt by what we refer to as a “mid-life crisis”, but I prefer to think of as the transition into integrated adulthood, I made a conscious choice to bring the two worlds together: to devote my working life to supporting others (and myself) to break the mould of our history and culture by eschewing privilege, honouring the sacred, leading lives that are more meaningful and joyful, and building community centred on equity, love and mutual responsibility.

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